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Elliot Jones ('23)


After essentially growing up on Lipscomb University’s campus, Elliot (’23) was set on going to school anywhere else.

With a mom who works on campus and an older sister who attended Lipscomb, Elliot thought she already knew everything about the university and wanted to go out of state for a new adventure away from her hometown.

“I had something in me that really wanted to look at other schools, which I think was one of the greatest things I could have done, because it kept me open-minded and let me see what I wanted and why I wanted that,” she says.

As a high school junior, Elliot went to visit her top-choice school out of state, but the experience wasn’t what she expected. So she decided to tour Lipscomb for a different perspective.

"I assumed that I already knew everything about Lipscomb because I had spent so much time there,” she remembers. “But when my admissions counselor finally convinced me to come for a campus tour, I was honestly blown away. The community was so much richer than anything I was expecting."

When she moved into Elam Hall her freshman year, Elliot instantly found community. She is a member of Phi Sigma, a social club, and is currently student teaching at a local high school as part of her education curriculum. And it turns out, staying close to home in Nashville has only enriched her college experience at Lipscomb.

Even though Elliot didn’t go to an out-of-state school, she continues to find new adventures in Nashville, where the city's development and growth are bringing fresh opportunities and experiences for her to enjoy.

“I’ve grown up in Nashville my entire life, and I’ve yet to be bored of this city.”


Elliot Jones on campus

"There's Just Always Something New to Do"

“Every time someone asks me what my favorite part of Nashville is, first I say music, then coffee… As someone that loves music, I highly suggest going to as many concerts as you can because they’re just amazing, especially in Nashville… There’s just always something new to do.”

Finding New Homes on Campus

  • The English department

"My academic advisor in the English department, Dr. Hearn, is actually one of the reasons I'm at Lipscomb in the first place. When I was unsure about my career path, he showed me a list of jobs former students were working in and it made me believe in the versatility of my degree."

  • Residence hall community

“Usually all the residence halls put on different fun events, like maybe you’ll have pancakes for dinner or something like that, or they’ll bring in some music and cornhole and have a little picnic party outside in the courtyard. So there’s always something to look forward to being a resident.”

  • Social club meetings

Being a member of Phi Sigma has enriched Elliot’s community on campus. Lipscomb features 10 social clubs, six for men and four for women. These organizations drive traditions on campus, like Singarama, and offer opportunities for leadership development, philanthropy, Christian fellowship and a network of connections.

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