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Ben Barry


You would have to search long and hard to find someone more involved in campus life at Lipscomb University than Ben Barry (‘25).

“I found Lipscomb entirely on the web.” Ben says. He took an online quiz to find schools that would be a good fit for him and remembers the results. “You are interested in a small school with a good campus and a good community. Lipscomb might be for you.”

So he did some more research and decided to include Lipscomb on his Common App. When he made it to campus for a visit, it didn’t disappoint. “The tour guides that I had...they did such a phenomenal job capturing the spirit of Lipscomb, and I was just instantly attracted…Lipscomb really did feel like it was the place for me.”

During New Student Orientation, his Quest Team leader even recruited him to work for the Office of Undergraduate Admission as a member of the tour team, which he now co-manages. And that opportunity has branched off in other directions—Theta Psi social club, Ultimate Frisbee club, Herd Media student journalist, peer mentor, Summer Scholars counselor and more. Ben even spent a semester studying abroad in Costa Rica.

Learn more about Ben Barry's journey with Lipscomb.

“Being fully immersed in a new culture and seeing how a new group of people live and act and what they value, having that new perspective of being kind of an outsider was really neat, really interesting, kind of opened my eyes,” Ben recalls. “My favorite thing I did in Costa Rica was surfing. We went to Guanacaste, a beach town, and we took surfing lessons and that was so much fun.”

Whether studying abroad or living on campus, Ben says it’s the people who make Lipscomb special.

“They say you're the average of the people that you're around. Lipscomb is a great place to be because the average person around here is a good person, involved, a hard worker, motivated and driven—all the things I strive to be.”


Ben Barry

"It's Super Easy to Get Involved"

“I was immediately immersed in a community…I found myself meeting a bunch of different people and learning about this club and that club, and everything that I was interested in, it seemed like Lipscomb had to offer…I feel like opportunities branch off of one another, and I ended up making a ton of friends in all these different communities."

Getting to Know the Community

  • Exploring your neighborhood

Lipscomb is located in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, which is about 10 minutes south of downtown. That means you can enjoy life in a charming neighborhood with convenient access to the diverse opportunities of a global city right down the street.

  • Experiencing Music City

When you live in a city filled with talented musicians, you should take advantage. Whether it’s a coffeehouse performance or a concert at a storied venue like Ryman Auditorium or The Bluebird Cafe, you’ll see a quality show. Says Ben, “I just went to a Rolling Stones concert. That was amazing!”

  • Not doing it alone

Starting a new chapter in an unfamiliar place may seem intimidating, but you’ll be surrounded by a community of people who will help you find a home. Moving from the Chicago area to Nashville, Ben made that adjustment when he came to Lipscomb. “I don’t regret it at all. It’s a really cool place to be, for sure.”

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