Department of Physics

The study of physics is the study of some of creation’s most inscrutable mysteries. Scripture tells us we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made. And few know that better than a physicist! Pretty deep language for something that absolutely rules everyone’s daily life (like the fact we walk on the ground rather than float hither and yon…). At Lipscomb, you’ll study the laws of physics with a high regard for the creation’s God-given wonder, complexity, and amazing power.

Led by a nationally recognized physicist who maintains a research program at the university, the Department of Physics at Lipscomb offers degrees that can launch you into engineering, biomedical physics, teaching and a range of other scientific and technical professions. Through the years, the department’s reputation for graduating well-prepared students has been…anything but theoretical. So chances are you already know something of string theory, game theory, condensed matter, particle attractions and more. It’s the “and more” we have ready and waiting for you.


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