Meet Your Florence Faculty!

Emily Woodroof

Site Director
Classes: Cross Cultural Experience, Italian

Emily Woodroof joined the Global Learning team in the summer of 2016.  She received her B.A. in French from Harding University in 2008, including a minor in Biology. She is currently working on finishing her master's degree in Italian and will graduate this summer. 

Upon finishing her undergraduate degree, Emily worked for one year at Harding University’s Speech and Hearing Clinic as the Office Manager. Following her time there, she then spent two years doing mission work in Italy in collaboration with the Avanti Italia program, sponsored principally by College Church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas. During her time with Avanti Italia, she received an advanced certification in the Italian language from the Lorenzo de’ Medici language school in Florence. After a short return to the States, she then accepted the position of Assistant to the Director with Harding University's program in Florence, Italy in May of 2013, working with that program until July of 2016. Emily is currently the full-time Site Director for Lipscomb's Florence program. 

She enjoys spending her time running with her dog Zoey, riding horses, reading, and knitting.

Dafne Mazzanti

Local Professor
Class: Renaissance Art History*

Mazzanti has been teaching in study abroad programs for the last 20 years specializing in 1400 & 1500 Art, Architecture and Italian Gardens. She received her terminal degree from the Università di Firenze. She has also worked in administration as Dean of Academic Affairs for a Florentine study abroad program. Mazzanti has taught for Pepperdine University for the past 10 years. She joined Lipscomb's program in Florence in the fall of 2015.   

Dafne views the city of Florence and its art as her classroom. Her job of educator has the objective of widening your point of view, while helping you identify the implications that art history, philosophy, ideas and thinking have on the present world.

*Dafne Mazzanti will not be teaching any courses for Lipscomb during the Fall 2018 semester. She will return in Spring 2019.

Marco Prina

Local Professor
Class: World Literature

Prina was born and raised in Italy and spent eight years in the U.S. as an adult. During these years, he earned his Ph.D. in Italian Studies & Medieval Studies from U.C. Berkeley and has been teaching Italian language, literature and culture to English speakers since 2007. His doctoral dissertation focused on Dante’s poetry in the political, social and cultural context of medieval Florence, with special attention devoted to medieval Florentine monuments and spaces. His teaching, like his research interests, interweave various disciplines and interests to yield a multi-faceted and engaging approach to language in context.

Howard Miller

Faculty-in-Residence (Fall 2018) 
Classes: Renaissance and Reformation; Faith and Culture

Howard Miller, assistant professor and academic chair of the Department of History Politics and Philosophy, is a widely published social historian with a specialty in medieval studies. His Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.A. in medieval studies are all from Yale University. His career prior to coming to Lipscomb includes serving as an assistant professor at Cornell College and an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University and California State University. His writings include works on the history on languages, food, Islam, literature and other aspects of medieval culture. Howard Miller was the faculty-in-residence in Lipscomb's Santiago study abroad program in the spring of 2015. He will be traveling to Florence this fall with his wife, Margaret, and their two teenage daughters.