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Audition Guidelines - School of Music


All degrees with exception of BA in Music Industry Studies

All students must complete a performance audition and interview for admission to the School of Music. The School of Music audition is a two part process, including both a pre-screening video and an audition.


Pre-screening Video

Prior to being invited to audition, all students must submit a pre-screening video through their MyBison Portal. The repertoire and requirements for the prescreening portion of the audition process are listed on the audition website by instrument or degree area (found below). After review by the School of Music faculty, selected applicants who pass pre-screening will be notified about next steps for auditions, including scheduling of a live audition.

Live Audition

Students who are selected for an audition will have the opportunity to perform for the faculty on campus. Students who are unable to attend an in person audition will be asked to submit an additional video and engage in a live interview with faculty via Zoom. The time and date for the audition will be sent directly to the student from admissions and the School of Music. The repertoire and requirements for the audition portion of the audition process are listed on the audition website by instrument or degree area. All auditions will last approximately 15 minutes and include a short interview conducted by members of the School of Music faculty. Students who would like an accompanist during their live audition must request one at least two weeks before their audition date.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Studies

Auditions are not required for students interested in pursuing the B.A. in Music Industry Studies; however, students must complete an interview with the Director of Music Industry Studies. Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship or who would like to be enrolled in ensembles must complete an audition as described below.

Minors and Ensemble Scholarships

For students interested in minoring in music or students interested in music scholarships for participating in ensembles, only one video is required for admission. Please follow the criteria as outlined on the website.

Ensemble Participation

The School of Music at Lipscomb offers both auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles. Please contact the following directors for information regarding placement and/or audition requirements:

You can submit a video to and copy the respective director.

Pre-screening & Audition Guidelines by Area