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Transfer Admissions

Each year, students from across the country transfer to Lipscomb University seeking a place where they are welcomed, supported, challenged and uniquely prepared for lives of impact.

When you join our community, you step into a strong network of faculty, staff and peers who are invested in your academic and personal success. Through robust career connections, innovative academic programs and special financial aid for transfers, we’ve carefully crafted our campus community to help you thrive. 

Whatever your story has been so far, we’re glad that you’re considering Lipscomb University for your next chapter.

As a transfer at Lipscomb, you’ll encounter: 

  • The credit you deserve from your previous institution. Transfer up to 63 hours from two-year schools and 94 hours from four-year schools.

  • Dedicated transfer scholarships that cover up to 100% of tuition

  • Career connection services in Nashville, the nation’s #1 job market

  • A personal academic experience where 80% of your classes will have fewer than 30 students

  • Nearly 300 expert faculty with backgrounds ranging from Disney animators to NASA engineers

  • Faith-centered education that drives over 60,000 volunteer hours each year 

Steps to Apply for Free

Transferring Credits

Transferring Credits

We know the first thing you’re wondering is how smoothly the credits you’ve already earned will transfer to a new school. Our online tool makes it easy for you to figure out how your previous coursework corresponds to both our general education requirements and major-specific classes. Take a look at Lipscomb’s transfer guidelines and find out what you can check off of your to-do list.

Transferring Credit
Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid

And, if we had to guess, we’d say the next thing you’re probably wondering is whether you can afford a place like Lipscomb. The answer is yes! We have several unique scholarship options for transfer students to ensure that an excellent education is within financial reach, whether you’re coming from a community college or from another four-year university. See what kind of financial aid you’ll be eligible for.

Transfer Scholarships


Hear from Other Transfers

christin ritter

Christin Ritter

As my time studying at my community college while living at home came to a close, I was still very unsure where I wanted to continue my education. I stumbled across Lipscomb and after my first visit, I was in love. It was the close knit, Christ centered community, that I had been praying for, and now as a current student, it has exceeded my every expectation. I've met lifelong friends, participated in many campus events and have found this place to be my home away from home.

rachel kirsch

Rachel Kirsch

Lipscomb University is a community like no other. The campus has a small town feel, but the city of Nashville is anything but. One of my worries about transferring was being able to meet people. At Lipscomb, everyone did a great job of putting that fear to rest. Faculty, different student organizations, and of course the students themselves welcomed and encouraged me into the campus life. I can honestly say that transferring was one of the scarier times in my life, but definitely one of the best.

deion sims

Deion Sims

I was attracted to Lipscomb partly because of the number of mission trips Lipscomb offers to their students. I knew I wanted to travel and go on mission trips while I was in college and I could not think of a better place to do that than at Lipscomb. Another factor that played a big role in my decision was the faculty. My advisor and teachers all genuinely cared about my success and I knew that this, as well as the small class sizes, would give me a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with my professors.