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Empower: Student Success Program

The Empower: Student Success Program provides support for students who receive conditional admission to Lipscomb through a variety of resources designed to help students make the transition from high school to college-level academics.

Students who are accepted through the Empower Program benefit from a structured system that builds confidence to achieve in the classroom, while fostering a strong community between faculty and students.

Resources of the Empower Program include:

  • Designated sections of LU 1203 Lipscomb Experience, an introductory course to university-level critical thinking and cultural engagement required during the first semester at Lipscomb for all first-year students, designed to help students in the Empower Program successfully navigate their first semester
  • Multiple meetings during the semester with representatives from the Coggin Family Academic Success Center to ensure Empower Program students are making positive progress in the classroom
  • Access to tutoring services (math lab, writing studio, peer tutoring, etc.) offered by the Coggin Family  Academic Success Center
  • Advisement on how to balance an academic course load with the robust social life opportunities at Lipscomb...we know both are important!

The Empower Program is just that—a way to build skills that empower you to be successful at Lipscomb. Whether that’s learning how to submit an assignment online, figuring out what resources are available to you or developing new ways of thinking in the classroom, the Empower Program is designed to walk with you through these new experiences. If you are admitted to Lipscomb through the Empower Program, please keep an eye out for the next steps to joining the program.