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Thoughts from Honduras (Engineering Predisan Solar) Summer 2023

June 30, 2023

Honduras (Engineering Predisan Solar) Summer 2023 Team

The team works together to install solar panels.

Reflecting on all we have done in the past week I feel deeply blessed to have been a part of this journey and know that we will come back to the US with hearts full, spirits replenished, and a broadened perspective of God’s creation and all he has done for and through us. In addition to the projects completed and families served, we leave this experience having made meaningful and faith driven friendships that will continue for years to come. Thank you to all who have been praying and supporting us through this mission, and please continue to pray for the country of Honduras and the Predisan organization which serves its people so well.

- Summar

I would like to begin with a thank you to the people who have made this trip possible for me. Thank you to my mother for her great support throughout my journey in engineering school. Thank you to the Peugeot Center for giving me the opportunity to go on these life-changing trips. I’d like to thank Dick, Maryann, and Scott Peugeot for being a great blessing to my life and for making it possible for me to participate in these projects and help serve these communities with my God-given talents by allowing me to spread Jesus’s love through my work. I’d also like to thank Sam Wright for being a great mentor and teacher and for his support towards going on this trip.

My team has been a great blessing to me this week. We bonded over stories and shared amazing experiences together on this trip. Selvin, William, and Angel, who are members of the Predisan Team, have also been a big blessing to me while on this trip. Selvin is in charge of maintenance and technical work of these solar systems and other appliances on behalf of Predisan, and he blessed me this week by offering me his friendship and trust. Selvin is very experienced in his field of work and he exposed me a different way of thinking when it comes to technical work. I enjoyed working alongside him and I appreciate his love. William was our translator, and we bonded over his story and experiences in life. We talked about the Word of God, and the importance of maintaining your trust in God, especially when things don’t go they way you planned. I appreciated that he was very honest, open, and vulnerable with me. Angel was our driver for most of the trip, but to me he was more than just our driver. He is a man of God who is full of love and care. He always made sure that the team was safe. Lastly, Dr.Elrod had been a huge blessing to me not only this week, but in my life. Dr. Elrod is an amazing teacher who cares for his students, and I certainly felt the love and care from him on this trip. I can assure that everyone on this team appreciates the amount of patience Dr. Elrod has for us. My biggest takeaway from this trip is that I learned the importance of friendships and creating relationships. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all these amazing people in my life.

- Juan

I am deeply grateful for yet another wonderful, life-changing experience with the Peugeot Center. My time at Lipscomb would be vastly different without these trips. Engineering has such great potential, and the Peugeot Center takes hold of this through encouraging the students to utilize the gifts God has given them. Thank you to all the staff and faculty who make these trips a priority and to all of you who support us through them. I know that I am always challenged in some way and find growth in my life as a result. The Lord is at work, and to see it so tangibly and take part within it is truly special, and I am forever grateful. I am excited to see how God continues to move within these places.

- McKenna

The Honduras (Engineering Predisan Solar) Team Summer 2023

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