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Perth 2023 - Elizabeth's Story

August 2, 2023

Perth team group photo

Perth team

"This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Perth, Australia and spend three full weeks serving with Lifestreams Church. During this time, I formed friendships that will last a lifetime and felt closer to God than ever before.

Group at Lifestreams Church

I had the blessing of being a part of an event called the Children’s Concert of Prayer. The purpose of this time was to walk alongside children as they learn the power and joy found in praying. We were able to Zoom with children from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Kenya, allowing the children to take turns praying for the nations.

Group at Lifestreams Church

It was such a beautiful time of prayer and love with children all over the world. It was deeply encouraging to see the younger generation have the space and confidence to pray boldly on behalf of the entire world. I’ll forever be grateful and formed by my time in Perth."

Theme night at Lifestreams Church

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