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New York Spring Break 2024 - Y'Alexia's Story

March 26, 2024

The New York Shiloh Team

There were six Lipscomb students and three faculty/staff that traveled to New York on this team. On this trip we were granted with tasks that needed to be completed around the school, but most importantly, connecting with the students. We attended the school Monday through Friday from 7:45 AM to 3 PM. Each day we did different things. We laminated for a teacher, helped with arts and crafts, and hosted a pizza party for our classroom. The students on the trip were all assigned a classroom to work with, serving almost like a student teacher for that week. The students in this area are known to not have the best of the best, but do well with what they have. During the week we got to love on these students as if they were our brothers and sisters. We did treat them as such. Showing in the love of Christ was the overall mission of this trip. The connection with the staff/faculty of PS 179 and the students not only touched our hearts, but we know impacted the minds of the kids in more ways than we know. 

Y'Alexia Robinson

Not a Trip
Category: Student Life