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Honduras (Engineering LHBH) Summer 2023 - Nathan Sindorf's Story

June 21, 2023

Honduras (Engineering LHBH) Team

Honduras (Engineering LHBH) Team

It's been a quick eight days but they've been filled with wonderful memories. As I think back on the projects, I'm amazed at what we were able to accomplish. We found and repaired several issues with the existing water system, designed and built a way to view the level in the tank without having to actually climb to it, watched some local professionals dig a well by hand, ran the electrical and plumbing lines to integrate that well into the larger water system, rebuilt two breaker panels, managed to close a cantankerous outdoor electrical panel and install a clasp to keep it clear of weather (and little fingers), and gathered information for a number of potential future projects.

But more important than the work, I'm reminded of the good moments we had with the LHBH staff - practicing Spanish with Mayra while washing dishes, going out for ice cream with Maybelline and her daughters (Rebecca and Vicki), morning devotionals with Olman and the staff, learning how to rapidly produce a dirt staircase with Oscar and Rigo, or chatting with Norbentina. And then there's our team - I can't say enough about how much I loved spending time with our group. They rolled with the constantly changing project plans and were always willing to step up for any task. They asked good questions, practiced their Spanish, and engaged on every level. And we just had a whole lot of fun together. Spending eight days in close proximity to a small group of people can be a challenge but this team was a delight.

The future is bright with ministries like Little Hands Big Hearts and with such dedicated, passionate, and conscientious young engineers entering the workforce. I'm thankful to have been able to participate in one small piece of working towards that future. We appreciate your prayers and support throughout this trip and ask that you continue to remember LHBH and the Peugeot Center in the years to come.

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