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Honduras (Engineering HOI) Spring Break 2024 - Joelle Noble's Story

April 2, 2024

HOI team member with members of the community.

Something about Honduras has always been healing for me. In all the times I have traveled there the Lord has met me in so many healing ways and preparing for this team I was in full expectation to see His face once again. Now the Lord in His consistent ways once again showed up, but in a different way than ever before. Instead of meeting me in the quiet of the mountains in the morning or in the Spanish sermon on Sunday. 

HOI Team 2024

Rather He showed up in the dedication of each of my teammates and watched the way they each uniquely showed love and service in each day. He showed up in the fascinated students we showed the beauty of science and engineering, and the passion of my teammate to show them. But He especially showed up as the principal of the school choosing to thank us in such a meaningful way. In our good Christian minds, we are taught to not look for a thank you, and I can probably speak for the entire team when I say that even without this thank you we would've served just the same but that doesn't change just how valuable it was to hear it. To hear that each of our two hands and drops of sweat was going to make a difference in every day of these students' lives by just simply allowing the lights to stay on for the duration of their school day. That the very thing we were working to forget during this spring break was the very thing we were working to preserve for these children. That's a part of missions that I love so much. Not only can missions be the saving of souls on the other side of Heaven, but also the sustainability of their soul on this side of Heaven, in their everyday. To any child or teacher who prayed for the power to stay on during their school day, we stood as a testimony that God heard their prayers and wishes to answer them. That is something I will only get to experience by saying yes to God, and I can't wait to say yes again. 

Joelle Noble

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