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Spark Locations

Spark translates the university’s knowledge of learning processes and environments into a modern, creative learning facility.

Our Spark locations are furnished with advanced technology and designed to activate innovation. With campuses conveniently located in Cool Springs and in the heart of downtown Nashville, our welcoming space is perfect for off-site meetings, conferences, trainings and more. In fact, we use it ourselves for a growing variety of graduate education programs.


  • Two convenient locations in major commerce districts
  • Leadership development and training resources
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Amenities include information technology, catering services, event planning and more


147 Fourth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219
(615) 966-6000

Cool Springs

3252 Aspen Grove Dr #9
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 966-3000