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Dr.Bin Shui headshot

Bin Shui 

Institute for Sustainable Practice

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Bin Shui currently teaches Urban Resilience and Sustainability, a graduate-level course focusing on theory and practice of urban resilience in response to natural and human-caused disruptions. She also teaches the Capstone Project (SU6043), which helps graduate students build their independent research capability and critical thinking skills. She has published journal papers, conference papers and technical reports in the areas of sustainability and governance, building energy efficiency, household consumption, and environmental impacts of international trade. Dr. Shui worked at Pacific National Laboratory, American Council for an Energy-efficient Economy, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Energy Research Institute (China). She taught statistics as an adjunct at Cleveland State University. Dr. Shui earned her bachelor degree in engineering at Beihang University (China), and the Ph.D. degree in Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.