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Mandy Spears headshot

Mandy Pellegrin 

School of Public Policy

Adjunct Faculty


Mandy has nearly two decades of experience supporting a diverse set of federal and state policymakers with unbiased, accessible analysis of complex public policy issues. Mandy is currently the Policy Director at the The Sycamore Institute -- helping to build from scratch an independent, nonpartisan public policy research center for Tennessee. She has the lead responsibility for developing the organization’s research plan and conducting and curating objective, evidence-based research and analysis of state policy issues that affect and connect the health and prosperity of Tennesseans. Prior to joining Sycamore, she served as a Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advising senior HHS leadership under both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama on budget policy issues. She also served as a legislative aide to former U.S. Representative Lincoln Davis (TN) and as the Health Policy Adviser to U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell (NJ), who served on the Ways and Means Committee during the drafting, consideration, and passage of the Affordable Care Act. She began her career in policy as an intern in the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office of Research and as an intern and then bill clerk in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Mandy holds a master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Lipscomb University.