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Kirsten Dodson headshot

Kirsten Dodson 

Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor & Chair


Dodson is the Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering's first faculty member to have received an undergraduate engineering degree from Lipscomb to return to teaching at the college full-time. Dodson obtained her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. With a focus in microfluidics, she developed devices that fit on a microscope slide which allow biologists to better study cells or tissue. During her time at Lipscomb as an undergraduate student and throughout her studies at Vanderbilt, Dodson has devoted much of her time to engineering missions with The Peugeot Center and currently serves as its Associate Director for Research and Education. With her husband Stephen, she is a regular team leader and is excited to continue serving. Dodson also enjoys live music, traveling, and outdoor activities, especially spending time with her dog Leia.