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Randy Bouldin 




Randy Bouldin, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and interim Dean, holds the B.A. degree from Lipscomb University, the M.S. degree from The University of Tennessee/Knoxville, and the Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. Bouldin is Professor of Mathematics. He has been at Lipscomb University since 1986 and began his administrative duties as Associate Provost for Graduate Studies in 2007. Before coming to Lipscomb, Bouldin worked for the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge in the mathematics and computer science division. He is a member of the Tennessee Conference of Graduate Schools, the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools, the Council of Graduate Schools, the Tennessee Mathematics Teachers' Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

As Vice Provost, Bouldin works closely with the Provost and College Deans to manage the academic and administrative policies and practices associated with curriculum and instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels including undergraduate general education, Lipscomb's service-learning program, the LIGHT program, and the development of all new academic programs for the university. In addition, Bouldin chairs the Graduate Leadership Team (GLT) and the Academic Curriculum Team (ACT). He also oversees the work of the Beaman Library, the Registrar’s office, the Honors College, the General Education Council, and the Institutional Review Board. Bouldin has been the recipient of Lipscomb’s Outstanding Teaching Award as well as a summer academic development grant. Bouldin served on the Reaffirmation Leadership Team for Lipscomb's SACCOC reaccreditation process for both the 2007 and 2017 reviews. Bouldin also led the restructuring of Lipscomb's 50+ year old general education program. This year Bouldin is also serving as the interim Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.