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Neal Allison 

History Politics and Philosophy



Professor Allison has taught at Lipscomb since 1997. He holds joint appointments to the Department of History, Politics, and Philosophy and the Honors College. Professor Allison’s areas of interest are in history of ideas, and in theological, military, political, and cultural history. He enjoys teaching at Lipscomb because of the quality of the students and the faith-based atmosphere. Professor Allison believes it is important to give students not just historical facts but to provide a better understanding of humanity and the world.

Christian Pragmatism: The Freedom and Power to Love. Leaven Volume 10 Issue 2, 2002.

Courses taught:
Great Ideas in History
Lipscomb Experience
Cultural Geography
Solving Complex Social Problems
World Civilization I
World Civilization II
Foundations of Western Civilization To 1600
Foundations of Western Civilization Since 1600
U. S. History I
U. S. History II

M.A., History, Middle Tennessee State University
B.A., History, Lipscomb University