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Affording a Graduate Education

Lipscomb believes in the value of the education we offer. That’s why we strive to ensure that costs are not a barrier for students or their families.

Our mission is to help you transform your aspirations into reality—and we’re committed to holding up our side of that bargain, both academically and financially. 

An investment in Lipscomb is an investment in your future: we have some of the top graduate programs in the state that have historically produced industry leaders. As a graduate student, you’ll emerge with the breadth of skills you need to elevate your career in a changing global marketplace, as well as the value-driven perspective to improve your relational competencies and set you apart as an ethical leader. That’s why we strive to ensure that costs are not a barrier for our students.  

You already have everything you need inside you to be successful - you deserve a place at the table just as much as anyone else - your contributions, the way you think, the way your process will benefit the people around you. — Jen Peters, Professional MBA ’19

Tuition & Scholarships

Lipscomb is committed to making a post-bacc education feasible through a number of graduate scholarships and assistantships. These are offered by individual departments and programs and may be awarded based on academic standing, work experience and financial need. All assistantships include responsibility for administrative, teaching, or departmental duties, depending on the program.

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Financial Resources

Lipscomb is proud to be a top school for return on investment with a below-average student debt at graduation. That's because financial aid and even scholarships and assistantships to some programs are available to students. Our Financial Aid office is available to answer any questions you may have about aid and the process. Contact the team through email at financialaid [at] or call 615.966.1791 to speak with an employee in financial aid. If you already desire to apply for financial aid, click the link below.

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Types of Aid

Financial aid is defined as any loan, part-time employment, grant or scholarship offered for the purpose of helping you pay for educationally-related expenses. This aid can be provided by federal, state, institutional or private agencies, and you can be offered any number of combinations of these types of aid. Students have a variety of aid options to make a degree feasible. Explore all the resources we have available that will make it easier for you to find viable financial aid options for your unique situation.

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