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Lipscomb offers scholarships that recognize, among other areas, academic accomplishment, service involvement and leadership capability.

Financial aid award packaging is based on current information. Changes to the FAFSA, moving off-campus and additional gift aid (Lipscomb scholarships, outside scholarships, state and/or federal grants) may result in adjustment of institutional aid, including memorial scholarship awards. If you withdraw from the university or drop below full-time enrollment after the start of the semester and receive a refund of tuition (full or partial), all institutional aid will be removed whether paid or unpaid. 

All Lipscomb University academic scholarships are valid up to 126 attempted hours. From time to time, exceptions to the 126 hour rule will be made for students who have unusual or extenuating circumstances, so students will need to contact the financial aid office when they approach 126 hours.

To be considered for many scholarships provided by the institution, you need to file the FAFSA.

Freshman Scholarships

Scholarship Residence Requirements

On-Campus Only

Some institutional awards require recipients to live on-campus each semester to remain eligible. If you have one or more of these awards, there will be a message on your financial aid award, under "Accept Award Offer" tab in myLipscomb, indicating the on-campus requirement. You must secure on-campus housing and meal plan for the scholarship to remain in place and pay to your account. If you move off-campus, the award may be affected. 

Students with the following awards have an on-campus requirement:

  • Trustee Scholarship

  • Lipscomb Academy Valedictorian Scholarship

  • Scout Award

  • All Out of State Add-On Scholarships, except the $1,000 award

  • All Employment-Based Scholarship, except the NCSA (K-12) Employee Grant

  • Kappa Iota Theta Scholarship

On- and Off-Campus

There are several awards which carry an award value for both on-campus and off-campus. This means if you live off-campus, the award will be reduced to meet the off-campus award value. Awards are subject to the Direct Cost Policy of the university. Awards will be adjusted to prevent an over-award of institutional aid. The awards are as follows:

  • Head of School Grant

  • Latino Achiever's Grant

  • International Student Awards

  • National Achievement Award: Finalist and Semi-Finalist

  • National Hispanic Scholars: Finalist and Semi-Finalist

Transfer Scholarships 

Other restrictions may apply to any of these scholarships listed above. To apply and to receive additional information about transferring and these above awards, please contact the Office of Admissions. Applications and selection of recipients will be handled through the Office of Admissions.

Tennessee residents who received the HOPE Scholarship at their previous school must notify TSAC to transfer the HOPE scholarship to Lipscomb.

Outside Scholarships

We encourage you to search for and pursue as many scholarship resources as you can to ensure you receive the maximum amount of financial aid for which you qualify. Online scholarship searches are free. You should never be required to pay for an outside scholarship search.

Outside scholarships can affect your institutional aid. If you are receiving an outside scholarship, please email a confirmation letter to All outside scholarship checks can be mailed to:

Attn: Financial Aid
1 University Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37204

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One of the first steps for incoming freshmen will be to talk to your high school guidance counselor. He/she will receive scholarship information from most scholarship organizations, especially local organizations. This is an excellent resource to find criteria on applying for and receiving aid from organizations near your hometown, as well as others.

Graduate, Online and Non-Traditional Students