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Class Schedule Disruption Policy

Except in the rarest of instances, Lipscomb University does not cancel classes or close offices.

However, should an event (weather-related or otherwise) occur that requires disruption of the entire Lipscomb University class schedule, students will be notified via Lipscomb University email, a message sent through the Lipscomb Ready app (download the Android version or the Apple version) or on the main Lipscomb University social media channels. 

In the event of inclement weather when the university remains open and activates the Class Schedule Disruption Policy, faculty and students are advised to avoid undue risks in traveling. It may be possible to move a class to a remote format when inclement weather conditions exist to avoid having to schedule make-up classes or develop extra assignments.  Faculty should provide students who miss a class because of severe weather conditions with a reasonable opportunity to make up assignments or exams, and the missed class should not impact the student’s attendance grade.

Faculty Member’s Responsibility for Cancelled or Missed Class Sessions

Because the academic calendar does not allow for missed classes, faculty members are expected to hold classes as scheduled unless the university officially cancels classes. Since many of our courses are being delivered using Lipscomb Flex this semester, it may be possible to move a class to a remote format when inclement weather conditions exist.  If a situation arises where a faculty member cancels a specific class session and the university otherwise remains open, the faculty member must notify students via email at the earliest possible time. If a faculty member decides to notify students by a method other than email, the method should be specified in the class syllabus.

Faculty members are responsible to see that the learning goals of the class are not compromised by any missed class days. Before canceling any class sessions, faculty should consult with the appropriate person as designated by their college policy (e.g., chair, program director, associate dean, dean, etc.). Missed classes may be rescheduled and/or may result in alternative assignments to achieve the learning goals of the class. Due to the concentrated class schedule of evening and weekend classes, instructors are expected to make up any missed class sessions in a manner that achieves the learning goals of the class. Additional resources and faculty expectations and options for alternative class meetings are available in myLipscomb under Resources/Office of the Provost/Class Disruption.

Student’s Responsibility When Absent

Students are responsible for any academic work they miss as a result of any absence. In the case of individual absences, students should contact their faculty members directly. Students who find themselves in circumstances that would cause them to miss classes for an extended period of time (e.g., missing a week or more of classes due to illness) should contact Steve Prewitt at The associate provost for student academic support will communicate the student’s situation to the appropriate faculty members. Students are expected to provide timely notification to the associate provost for student academic support regarding any extended absence and may be required to provide supporting documentation for their absences.