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Outside of the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center in Green Hills.

Family Therapy Center Location

The Lipscomb Family Therapy Center (LFTC) serves the mental health and relationship care needs of individuals, couples, and families in the Nashville community.

Using our gifts to stretch into the community, LFTC provides a comfortable and confidential therapy setting for anyone in the greater Nashville area at an affordable cost. The therapists at LFTC are current graduate students in Lipscomb University's Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Program, which is considered one of the best programs in Tennessee and the only COAMFTE accredited program in Nashville.

Our therapists' backgrounds in academia mean that their work with clients is informed by state-of-the-art scientific research that most private practice therapists can't easily access.


  • Individual, couple, and family therapy services.
  • High-quality mental health and relationship care services at a cost that is considerably lower than other facilities. 
  • Partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, and other organizations to help inform members of the Nashville community about how to access mental health and relationship care.

3839 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN, 37204