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Payment Information FAQs

The Business Office assists you and your family with paying your bill each semester. There are several options available to you for making payments on their account.

What system does Lipscomb use to manage student payments?

Lipscomb uses Nelnet, a third-party provider, to manage payments and payment plans, which you may access at any time through your student portal on myLipscomb. Nelnet is a state-of-the-art, secure and convenient way to pay for tuition and fees.

How can I access my student portal to make online payments?

Go to Click on the All Apps button. From there click on CNS Student Portal - My Finances - Nelnet/Payment/Plans - Launch Nelnet.

When will I receive my billing statement? When are payments due?    

  • Your bill is available through the student portal at the time you register. You are encouraged to review your account regularly. To view your Registration Bill, go to Click on the All Apps button. From there click on CNS Student Portal - My Finances - Registration Bill. Download instructions for viewing your registration bill
  • All students and any authorized user also will receive a reminder email of the Nelnet e-bill.  This bill is a static bill created in the middle of each month.  Fall bills are created June - October, Spring bills are created November - March, and Summer bills are created April - May.
  • You may enroll in three-, four- and five-month payment plans or may make one payment. 
  • Monthly payment plans. Download instructions for how to set up Nelnet payment plans.
  1. Five-month plan: Must be enrolled in Nelnet payment plan by June for fall semester or November for spring semester. 
  2. Four-month plan: Must be enrolled in Nelnet payment plan by July for fall semester or December for spring semester. 
  3. Three-month plan: Must be enrolled in Nelnet payment plan by August for fall semester or January for spring semester. 
  4. One-time payment: You may also pay the balance of your bill with a single payment. 
  • You MUST have a financial plan selected and be enrolled in a payment option by: Fall Semester - August 1, Spring Semester - December 1, Summer Term - May 1.

How can I set someone up as an Authorized Payer?

Go to Click on the All Apps button. From there click on CNS Student Portal - My Finances - Nelnet/Payment/Plans - Launch Nelnet - Add an Authorized Party - Complete the form, review Terms and Conditions, and click Save. Click here for instructions for Adding an Authorized Party in Nelnet.

What methods of tuition payment are accepted? Where do I mail payments?

Payments may be made online through Nelnet with a checking account or Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. A convenience fee is associated with credit card payments. Scholarship or 529 Plan (investment account for qualified education expenses) payments may be mailed to: Lipscomb University, Attn: Business Office, One University Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37204.

What happens if I miss a payment deadline?

You will have a hold on your account, and will not have access to further registration or transcripts. (NOTE: Please see the “Financial Aid” section for other reasons holds may be placed on a student’s account.)

I have a credit/negative balance on my account. How can I request a refund?    

If your credit balance is from loans or other federal aid, then no request is needed. The Business Office will automatically issue the refund within 14 days after aid is disbursed to your account. You will need to have your payment method created with Heartland ECSI. (Students receive an email directly from ECSI with their key number that is needed to register in the system. Email businessoffice [at] with questions.) We strongly encourage direct deposit, but there is also a check option. If your credit is not aid related, email businessoffice [at] to request a refund.

By adding someone as an Authorized Payer, what information does that allow that individual to receive that may be protected by FERPA?

Adding an Authorized User in Nelnet allows this user to receive notification when monthly electronic bills have been created and to view your balance. It also allows our office to discuss any billing questions with that person. FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, so only details of the bill would be discussed with an authorized payer. Click here for instructions for Adding an Authorized Party in Nelnet.

My company reimburses me for my tuition expenses, and they are requesting proof of payment. Where can I obtain this information?

The student registration bill provides the needed information for the majority of companies that reimburse tuition expenses. If your company requires something specific that the registration bill does not provide, please email details to businessoffice [at] and a letter will be provided.

How can I access my Form 1098-T?

To access your form, log into Open the All Apps tile and go to CNS Student Portal. In the menu on the left, select My Finances and then View 1098T. A list of available 1098-T forms should appear. Click "Tax year 202X" to view the most recent 1098-T form. NOTE: You may need to disable pop-up blockers to view your form.

As an international student, am I eligible to receive a Form 1098-T?

The IRS form 1098-T is available for non-resident international students upon request. Please email businessoffice [at] for more information.

Why has my scholarship award not been added to the term bill?

The Financial Aid Office is the place to start with questions related to scholarship awards. You may also want to be sure you submitted the FAFSA for the correct academic year by visiting your account on the website. Please see the Financial Aid FAQ section or contact financialaid [at]

Why did my semester charges change after I paid my bill in full earlier in the term?

Throughout the semester charges may fluctuate on your account after aid has been awarded or your bill was paid in full per the payment plan. Adjustments may be made for a variety of reasons including:

  • Textbook charges through the university bookstore, Slingshot, are not added until close to the beginning of the term, and textbook rental not-returned-charges are added at the end of the term, if textbook rentals are not returned to the bookstore.
  • If you add a course increasing your total hours. If additional courses are added that are over the block tuition rate (12-18 credit hours), this will increase tuition charges and new fees will be added.
  • If you drop below full-time hours (12 credit hours) or lose scholarships for other reasons, aid could be removed. 
  • If you change your meal plan after your award was applied to the semester bill.
  • If you move off campus the award may be removed if on-campus housing was a requirement for your award.
  • You should check your registration bill regularly to monitor for adjustments in charges throughout the semester. Comparing your static (as of date created) Nelnet bill to your current (real-time) registration bill, is the quickest way to determine what changed.

What is the purpose of the general student fee?

The general student fee covers benefits and services provided to each student that support and enrich academic and campus life experiences. The services supported by the fee include access to the Lipscomb University Health Center, University Counseling Center services, wireless connectivity and Information Technology assistance, Beaman Library sources and online resources, Student Activities Center recreational facilities and programming, safety and security services, the Academic Success Center programming, free admission to regular-season athletic events, and Student Government Association and Student Activities Board activities and events among other benefits.  

What does the safety fee cover?

Providing a safe and secure environment for students and the entire Lipscomb community is the top priority of the Office of Lipscomb Security. Lipscomb Security provides robust services to students. These include: Safety awareness classes, first aid classes, roadside and travel services (such as dead battery recovery, flat tire assistance or retrieving keys locked inside s vehicle within a two-mile radius of campus), round-the-clock campus patrols, campus-wide camera surveillance network, a Communications Dispatch Center staffed 24-hours a day, blue light call towers located throughout campus, in-person and virtual Bison Walk, Campus parking and traffic management, student ID card production and replacement, and the Lipscomb Ready app. One of the best emergency preparedness resources for students is the Lipscomb Ready app, a robust emergency preparedness resource that is available for free to every member of this community. Downloading the Lipscomb Ready app is easy! Simply click the Lipscomb Ready button on myLipscomb or click here for the Android version and here for the Apple version. Take a few minutes to explore all of the features available to you through this app. 

Who can I contact with questions about my student account?

Email businessoffice [at] with any questions you may have or visit this web resource.