Lipscomb Associates

Lipscomb would have a hard time operating without our Associates. With annual contributions of $1,000 or more, this group makes a long-term commitment to cover the costs that tuition doesn’t. So while we call them Associates, in truth, they are our daily support, our safety net, our cheerleaders, and most of all, our partners.

By joining the Associates program, your gift provides for:

Student scholarships

So that more deserving, capable students can benefit from Lipscomb’s Christian education.

Presidential initiatives

So that we can provide for the future of this university, holding fast to our values as we move into the next 125 years.


So that we can expand existing programs and add new ones as the needs of our students and our world change.

Institutional support and technology

So that students have access to the latest technology and, therefore, better preparation for life after Lipscomb.


So that our physical campus is welcoming and inspiring to all those who visit.

Colleges, institutes, programs

So that deans, heads, and coaches can respond to needs and support growth in their respective areas.

To join Lipscomb Associates, please make a gift.