Undergraduate Program Majors and Minors

The undergraduate program offers courses leading to a major or minor in psychology in both a traditional and an adult degree program format.  The undergraduate program in psychology strives to be a student-focused environment with faculty who are known for excellence in teaching and advising. We provide our students with a variety of opportunities to excel not only inside but also outside the classroom. For example, students are regularly engaged in internship experiences, work alongside faculty members to conduct psychological research, attend and present research at local conferences, and participate in the activities of the Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology. Our department also offers a graduate program, providing a setting for students to pursue professional training as a counselor after the completion of their bachelor’s degrees.

Psychology Major

The goal of our program is to aid the student

  1. in understanding self and others better in an appreciation of the origin, nature, and process of individual differences from the psychological viewpoint
  2. in preparing for first-level entry to the job market as a university graduate
  3. in preparing for graduate work in the discipline
  4. in preparing for greater service in the home, congregation, community, nation, and world. This faculty believes that psychology has practical application in all areas and activities of life
B.A. or B.S. degree program
Total hours required - 45
Specific courses required Hours
PS 1113 Introduction to Psychology 3
PS 2313 Behavior Modification 3
PS 2423 Life Span Development 3
PS 2503 Behavioral Statistics 3
PS 2603 Introduction to Psychological Research 3
PS 3413 Social Psychology 3
PS 3463 Personality Theories 3
PS 3543 Psychological Measurement 3
PS 4423 Abnormal Psychology 3
PS 4523 Cognitive Psychology 3
PS 4543 Biological Psychology 3
PS 4613 History and Systems of Psychology 3
Nine hours in available electives Hours
PS 3141 Independent Research. Offered on demand 1
PS 3243 Human Development and Learning 3
PS 3323 Business and Industrial Psychology 3
PS 3453 Death and Dying 3
PS 3483 Human Sexuality 3
PS 3513 Drugs and Behavior 3
PS 412V Psychological Topics 1, 2, 3
PS 460V Internship in Psychology 1, 2, 3
PS 4913 Research Practicum 3

Psychology Minor

Total hours required - 18

Base Courses in Psychology Hours
1113 Introduction to Psychology 3
2423 Life Span Development 3
3413 Social Psychology 3
3463 Personality Theories 3


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