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Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering

The world needs more faithful problem solvers, and at his or her core, an engineer is in the business of making people’s lives better.  Engineers do that by understanding need, by solving problems, by offering better solutions or brand-new ones, and by protecting safety, wellbeing and more.

Headshot of David Elrod

David Elrod, Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Engineering

At Lipscomb, not only do students receive a superior background in the academics of engineering, but they are taught in a faith-based environment where development and use of our God-given talents to serve others and help our fellow man is paramount.

A unique feature of the Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering is our engineering service projects, which include engagement with developing communities domestically and abroad. Our students work alongside professional engineers build bridges, water systems, solar power installations, radio repeaters towers, and other projects transforming lives, getting hands-on experience of concepts taught in our classrooms. In doing so, they learn not only technical skills, but also learn teamwork, bridging cultural barriers, and experience the joy of serving others.

David Elrod, Ph.D.



Enabling more students to fully experience Lipscomb’s engineering program


Addition of classroom and project space to accommodate program growth

Peugeot Center

Enhancement of the Peugeot Center for Engineering Service, enabling service to more of those in need and engaging a greater number of engineering students

Missions and Service

Development of additional service and discipleship opportunities for students through engineering missions and service

Research Opportunities

Integration of research opportunities in a manner which enhances our teaching mission


Expansion of academic program to potentially include biomedical engineering and mechatronics

About the College/Vision

The College of Engineering’s mission is to offer a quality engineering education within a faith-based environment along with fostering a culture among students of lifetime service to others.

In doing this work well, the College will be recognized and well respected in the region as well as across the country.  

Our engineering programs feature small class sizes, dedicated faculty that focus on teaching and student/faculty interaction, an engineering program which is embedded in a Christ-focused university, a curriculum that emphasizes project-based coursework, a broad-based engineering curriculum that allows students to perform well on the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, and an excellent track record of students being offered great industry positions and quality graduate school admissions.