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Best in Class Academics

LipscombLEADS in many areas. Our students and faculty are among the best in the world.

Our location in Nashville means we are well-positioned for regional, national, and even global influence. Our faith makes us strong and means we offer students the most important development opportunity of all. 

In looking at our strategy to build the premier national Christian university, a best in class academic program plays an important role.  The first six pillars of our strategy are focused on ensuring that Lipscomb is constantly striving to provide excellent academics.  To accomplish the strategic goals of having a R3: doctoral level institution with nationally recognized scholars, researchers and teachers; offering solutions to society’s problems through a Christ-driven approach; providing a multimodal education delivery system; building a global campus; and to attract the best and brightest students, we will have to make investments.  

The shrinking world requires students to leave Lipscomb with a global perspective. You will help support new and enhanced global learning experiences that will build upon Lipscomb’s success with its most recent new campus in Florence, Italy, and its heritage of success at other international locations. 

As some students travel abroad to learn, other students need to be able to access learning experiences where they are, which will require strategic technology improvements and additions for students on and off campus, and for core systems that support faculty and staff. 

Building Tomorrow’s Learning Environment

In recent years, several of Lipscomb’s new academic programs have demonstrated profound impact and are poised to grow into programs of national significance and recognition. For example, you will be excited to know that the College of Business is leading the conversation on business as mission. As a result of LipscombLEADS, the university will launch a national business-as-mission initiative to promote businesses that are built on the values and virtues of Jesus.

Lipscomb has also pioneered several new civic engagement initiatives across Tennessee. Whether it is facilitating a conversation on race in Nashville or launching a statewide leadership program, LipscombLEADS will accelerate this important work.

Lipscomb has developed a reputation for providing the facilities that programs can grow into and students can grow from, further encouraging innovation, achievement and broader service. To build on that success, LipscombLEADS includes strategic investments such as funding for Building Tomorrow’s learning environment.

Notable investments include recruiting and retaining faculty from across the country and around the world and enhancing student success, which will include providing more options through an enhanced multi-modal delivery system, along with building more national programs.  

Tomorrow’s Learning Environment

Our goal is to build a next-generation campus—one that centers in Green Hills but further extends across Middle Tennessee and to cities around the globe. This is not merely building for building’s sake. Top facilities help in recruiting top students. We are aiming to provide Lipscomb students with the facilities they need to influence our world for good. Below are examples of some of the facilities completed during the campaign.

  • Fields Engineering Center: The Fields Engineering Center is a 26,800-square-foot facility that unites engineering faculty and students under one roof for the first time. The building houses collaborative learning spaces, flexible teaching areas and labs among other features. The building is also a learning tool in itself with its exposed and color coded MPE ducting, piping and conduit lab and learning spaces, central monitoring of mechanical systems and rooftop access for solar experimentation.

    The sustainability features also provide valuable real-world learning opportunities for students. Features include; a white roof, energy-efficient lighting, mechanical and plumbing systems designed at a LEED silver level, storm water management through planting and infiltrations, climate-appropriate materials for site landscaping and a concrete structure that includes recycled content.

    The Fields Engineering Center is named for longtime ExxonMobil executive Charles Fields and his wife, Margaret. A 1964 graduate of Lipscomb Academy, Fields graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and began his career in Houston, Texas, with Humble Oil and Refining Company, which later became ExxonMobil Corporation.
  • Data Analytics Lab: The College of Business debuted a new data analytics lab for students in the Swang Business Center, designed as a hub for the study of and collaborative projects in data analytics. Starting in Fall 2020, all incoming business students began earning a data analytics minor along with completing the course requirements for their major field of study. To accomplish that, the College of Business developed and incorporated a 15-hour business data analytics component that is now part of every undergraduate business program of study, making Lipscomb one of the few universities in the nation to embed such a focus on data into the core undergraduate curriculum.


Faculty Excellence Award

Although Lipscomb has a limited program that recognizes three outstanding teachers per year—out of nearly 300 full-time faculty—and has re-instituted an annual faculty appreciation dinner, the faculty enhancement goals of LipscombLEADS will be well served by establishing the Faculty Excellence Award, a new annual program of recognition and professional advancement for the university’s most impactful faculty.

Through the Faculty Excellence Award, Lipscomb will celebrate faculty who have successfully combined scholarship, service and significance to shape the lives of students. A first-of-its-kind faculty recognition program at Lipscomb, this new initiative proposes to establish a series of awards that will recognize faculty in six academic disciplines: Humanities and the Arts, Health Sciences, Education, Business, STEM and Bible and Ministry. With a founding endowment of $125,000 for each award, approximately $5,000 will be generated per year per award. Each honoree will receive a $2,500 performance bonus and will be awarded a $2,500 stipend to use for professional advancement activities. Examples of such activities include:

  • Leading an international study abroad or mission trip with students;
  • Presenting a paper at an academic conference; or
  • Launching a new research activity with the intent to have it published.

Honorees will be asked to report on their professional advancement activities at the faculty retreat in August of each year.

The first of these Faculty Excellence Awards has been funded. The Faculty Excellence Award in Education will be renamed the Cowart Faculty Excellence Award in Education in honor of Tom and Glenda Cowart. The first honoree is expected to be announced in September 2021.


New Academic Programs

Lipscomb is a nationally recognized research institution with academically rigorous programs and talented, intentional faculty who serve as innovative leaders in their fields. Our undergraduate and graduate programs have been ranked among the highest in the country, including our education, health care and business programs, to name a few. We prepare students to successfully and fully live out their calling by providing a quality education combined with a faith-based, service-focused community. Some of the programs established during the LipscombLEADS campaign include the following:

  • Lanier Center for Archaeology: Established in 2020, the Lanier Center for Archaeology brings globally recognized archaeology research and scholars to Lipscomb University. The Department of Archaeology offers a M.A. degree in Archaeology and Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Archaeology. It was inaugurated as a research institution to support the university’s excavation projects and serve as a center to introduce the field of biblical archaeology and the ancient Near East to Middle Tennessee. The center was founded by Lipscomb alumnus Mark Lanier and his wife, Becky.
  • Supply Chain Management Program and Master of Health Administration. The Lipscomb College of Business launched the supply chain management curriculum program in 2012 with the Hang Seng Management College in Hong Kong, becoming the first globally partnered program of its kind in Middle Tennessee. The program officially began in 2013 as a new concentration in Lipscomb’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

    In 2018, the university launched the Master of Health Administration. The degree was Nashville’s first Master of Health Administration program, considered by national accrediting organizations and industry professionals as the gold-standard for preparing mid-careerists who want to build a successful career in healthcare leadership. The program joins other graduate business studies in the recently renamed Pfeffer Graduate School of Business. The renaming recognizes a significant gift from Nashville business leaders and philanthropists Pam and Phil Pfeffer. Phil Pfeffer, president and CEO of Treemont Capital Inc. and former chairman of the board and CEO of the Ingram Distribution Group Inc., serves as an adjunct graduate business professor and CEO-in-residence in Lipscomb’s College of Business.