Visits & Events


We want you to experience our campus before you make a decision as big as where to go to college. So we offer two ways for you to visit: Lipscomb Fridays and daily visits.

Lipscomb Fridays

Lipscomb Fridays, Sophomore/Junior Days, and Transfer Days: As the name suggests, we hold visit days nearly every other Friday from September to April. That way, you’re not one of a bazillion other people trailing after a tour guide, unable to hear a word they say. The idea is for you to have an experience at Lipscomb that will give you a real sense of what it’s like to be a student here. On a Lipscomb Friday or Sophomore/Junior Day you can:

-Sit in on a class
-Get to know current students
-Meet professors
-Take a tour
-Talk with and admissions counselor
-Eat in our dining hall
-Check out the dorms
-Figure out if Lipscomb is the right place for you
Select one of the dates below to register:


-April 17

Daily visits

Even if you can’t make it for a Lipscomb Friday, we’d still love to have you come see us. We have morning and afternoon sessions available to tour campus and talk with an admissions recruiter almost every Monday through Friday; however, some dates throughout the spring semester have been removed from our calendar due to holidays or special events. We request that you make your reservation at least one week prior to your campus visit. Register for a visit and discover what it means to be a Bison!

Register for a daily visit here.

Group visits

Would you like to bring a group to visit campus? You can submit your request here.