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Credit For What You Know

Lipscomb is proud to offer a unique competency-based education model that allows you to earn course credit for the knowledge, skills and abilities you have developed over the years.

As a returning student, chances are you’ve learned quite a bit from the work and life experiences you have had since you left college, and there is simply no need to learn—or pay for—those skills again. Lipscomb offers four avenues for assessing a student for prior learning of skills and specific knowledge. Each offers the opportunity to add credits to your transcript and get you closer to graduation even before you start to finish your college work. These can be used individually or together to create up to 60 total credit hours toward the 126 hours required.

Three ways to get credit for your “life lessons.”

Learn about our CORE Assessment Center

Get a jump-start on finishing college by earning up to 30 hours of credit based upon your previous learning experience. Choose to participate in a one-day behavioral assessment in our CORE Competency Assessment Center. We will evaluate your personal and professional experiences and behavioral skills to identify competencies based on where you are in your career, what you have accomplished and what you know.

Now, where you've been takes you where you want to go.

Lipscomb University Online recognizes that you bring a pre-existing set of college-level competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through out-of-class learning experiences. Through CORE, Lipscomb seeks to provide quality assessment measures to evaluate and reward exhibited competencies with e-credential badges. And, where you may have gaps in a competency, we will provide personal faculty coaching along with self-paced development activities to expand your competency levels.

CORE badges

A key component of our CORE program is a recognition badge system that rates a participant’s level of competency in key areas. Each competency area carries its own badges and levels, with badges being earned as each higher-level of competency is met. These electronic badges are something students keep and use throughout their careers.

You can apply CORE competency credits toward any Lipscomb Online major.