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Accept the call. Perfect your artistry. Change the world.

  • Les Miserables, Fall 2013, Collins Alumni Auditorium

If you are a creative individual who wants to use your talent to have a positive, healing, and building influence…well, that’s center stage here. Discover how your art draws life from the ideals of community, worship and quality training, both in traditional disciplines on stage to more nontraditional creativity in digital media.

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  Click on the photo for more info about tickets.'s Jeffrey Ellis interviews Junior Lipscomb Theatre student Jonah Jackson, "a 2014 First Night Most Promising Actor."                                                                 click for more info
Senior Lipscomb Theatre student Austin Hunt featured in YouTube Video "Meet the Actors" posted by the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.  Hunt plays Curio and Guard 2 in the Shakespeare Festival's performance of Twelfth Night.                                                                                     click for video