Institute for Sustainable Practice

Part of being a good Christian is being a good shepherd of God’s creation. Caring for our environment—developing practices to protect natural resources—is our responsibility to those who will inherit it. Lipscomb’s Institute for Sustainable Practice embraces the charge, educating those who will lead it.

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About Us

Confronted with pollution, rising gas prices, and food shortages, we founded ISP in 2007. Since then, we’ve invited agriculture scientists, LEED contractors, policy makers, and other sustainability experts to pass on their best practices, research, and field experience. With their tutelage and our students’ passion, Lipscomb has been repeatedly named one of the greenest places in Nashville (and not just for our pretty campus).

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Undergraduate Programs

To pursue a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Science, be ready to learn from all sides. Biology, law, communications, engineering—they’re all part of sustainable practices. You’ll also complete an independent study project that lets you practice the skills, imagination, and tenacity you’ll need to get down to business.

Institute For Sustainable Practice

Graduate Programs

Earn your stripes as a green leader with one of our four master’s degree and certificate programs. Each focuses on core principles for the sustainability of people, planet, and prosperity. Hands-on fieldwork, travel, and a capstone research project ensure you’re prepared for a future in which we all breathe a little easier.

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