Nurture 2014

The annual Nurture conference features nationally recognized leaders in Christian spirituality in a 2-day event featuring keynote addresses, workshops, and a luncheon.  Previous speakers include Gordon T. Smith, Glandion Carney, Gary Moon, Chris Webb, and John Ortberg.

Randy HarrisFor 2014, ICS featured Randy Harris.

Harris' colleagues in the ACU College of Biblical Studies jokingly call him "the only Church of Christ monk."

He embraces both parts of that. Harris is single, which would fulfill one of the requirements for being a monk. He is gentle, soft-spoken and loves the contemplative life, which also would qualify him.
But make no mistake about it. While he may appreciate many parts of monastic spirituality, he is firmly entrenched in his Church of Christ heritage.

Harris' love of contemplative prayer is something he shares with students in ways others can't in his department. He has found that students are eager to experience the same depth of communion with God that he has discovered in contemplative practices.
  While contemplative prayer may not be a part of the history of the Church of Christ, Harris believes it can be woven into its fabric, enhancing worshippers' experience.

Randy graduated from 
Harding University with his bachelor's degree in 1979. He earned his master's degree from Harding University in 1983. He received an M.Phil. from Syracuse University in 1987. Randy was the pulpit minister for Donelson Church of Christ in Nashville for nine years prior to his arrival in Abilene.