Colleges, Schools and Institutes

A student studies on the fountain in Bison Square. Colleges, Schools and Institutes at Lipscomb University.

If you're trying to get a general feel for what Lipscomb offers, you've come to the right place. From this page you can explore all seven colleges and our institutes and schools. Go ahead, you can click on more than one.


College of Bible & Ministry

The cornerstone of Lipscomb’s vision to be a place where students grow their knowledge and their faith, our goal is to provide a solid scriptural foundation and practical experience so students can embrace their calling and embark upon their vocation.

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College of Business

We help students prepare for their future. Our rigorous coursework teaches not only business practices, but business ethics. Our graduates become financiers, marketers and entrepreneurs who lead the way—guided by a firm moral compass and faith in God.College of Education

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College of Computing & Technology

We prepare leaders for tomorrow’s most in-demand careers in computer science, management, health care, information security and technology, through innovative multi-disciplinary programs and collaborative partnerships that provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences.

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College of Education

The best educators maintain the mindset of students: always curious, diligent and imaginative. We stay nimble and up-to-date so we can prepare 21st-century educators to be flexible thinkers and unrelenting problem-solvers—so they can prepare their students for the 22nd century.

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Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering

At its very core, an engineer is in the business of making people’s lives better. Our students not only get a superior background in the academics of engineering, but they are taught in a faith-based environment where sensitivity to people and their needs is paramount.

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College of Entertainment & the Arts

Step on stage...or step behind a camera. Express yourself with a canvas... or with the melody of a song. Whatever your artistic expression, be ready to show your creative side in our new College of Entertainment & the Arts.

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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The largest of Lipscomb’s nine colleges, encompassing the fundamentals: humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and mathematics—all critical to understanding the world and our place in it—and all at the foundation of any well-rounded education.

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College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

We produce competent, caring and compassionate health care professionals who exemplify a commitment to a Christian life of service through rigorous academic undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees dedicated to the delivery of patient care and well-being.

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College of Professional Studies

To meet the special life demands of the adult learner, we partner with industry specialists to place students in jobs; focus on competency-based learning; and use online, virtual and mobile technologies, as well as evening and weekend classes.

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Hazelip School of Theology

Educating the next generation of chaplains, youth ministers and theologians, we provide opportunities for our students and campus visitors to forge a stronger connection with God, through four graduate courses of study, as well as annual ministry conferences, workshops and events.

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School of Nursing

Nursing is not a job, it’s a vocation. We’ve invested in a brand new facility, equipped with a state-of-the-art simulation lab where students practice their clinical skills. We know this hands-on model works, because our nursing students are in high-demand when they graduate.

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Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning & Innovation

A resource for teachers and educational leaders to address the transformational reform efforts being led by the state of Tennessee, we create individualized educational opportunities to train and embed professional learning, so students experience better outcomes.

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Dean Institute for Corporate Governance & Integrity

We focus on good business practices by a different model of leadership. Here, corporate leaders, directors and officers have the opportunity to collaborate with each other—through lectures, networking events and workshops—about employing honesty and fairness in the workplace.

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Institute for Christian Spirituality

We bring together seasoned spiritual formation programs, conferences and retreats, for nurturing intentional personal spirituality and discipleship. Our goal is to help students and the greater community understand, enrich and share their personal experience with God.

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Institute for Conflict Management

Growing out of the internationally recognized work of Dr. Randy Lowry, we assemble the best thinkers from a wide range of fields to examine why conflicts arise, and offer degrees, certificates, seminars and research dedicated to the advancement of conflict management.

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Institute for Law, Justice & Society

Our program teaches critical thinking and engagement through a socio-legal perspective, providing students the strong legal basis they need to be successful—whether they plan on going to law school, working in government or public policy, or entering the non-profit field.

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Institute for Sustainable Practice

We equip students for careers in corporate, small business, public policy administration, facility management, construction, green development, consulting, entrepreneurship and other opportunities that demonstrate the value of sustainability for people, the planet and prosperity.

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Nelson & Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership

Building on the legacy of Nelson Andrews, our programs incorporate a collaborative civic leadership model, showcasing government, business and not-for-profit leaders working together for the common good, while equipping students with the skills necessary to launch civic change.

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