Global Learning

This Apple commercial says it all.  Picture yourself here—traveling the world and experiencing new cultures, all while being equipped for the ever-increasing global environment we now live in.  How will you leave your mark on the world?  What will your verse be?

Culture and language proficiency spring from spending a semester abroad. Through coursework, service learning and field trips you can fully engage the local community where you are living. You'll return home a broader, deeper person, challenged and changed. You'll also bring back connections -- professionally and personally -- as well as many life-long friendships. See a video on the program here.    
These course-infused, global adventures are designed to give you that competitive edge in the internship and job marketplace.  You'll gain global competencies in an interactive learning environment. Courses are college or major specific, and translate directly to your chosen vocation. Walk in the footsteps of Paul, visit world-renowned art festivals or backpack in the Alps. The possibilities are endless.  

Go to another part of the world during spring, winter or summer breaks to serve, learn and make a difference.  Ambassador trips are not for academic credit, but are led by faculty members and mentors, and can include projects such as building a bridge in Guatemala for your engineering class. Destinations also include Australia, Ghana, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, and Saba to name a few.