Nelson & Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership

You may be one of those special people among us who wants to build communities in a very intentional and life-changing way. Maybe even make a career of it. If so, welcome.The Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership was founded in response to the reality that addressing community challenges today requires very different skills than those employed by previous generations of leaders. As we like to say, great communities are not accidental, but intentional. Here  you will learn to intentionally, agilely and successfully create change.

What can I do? I’m angry, and I feel helpless.

Yes, people want to be heard, but more and more, they want to DO something. We agree with Dallas Police Chief David Brown that we can all be part of the solution. Turn your anger and your passion for a great community into a solution. With a master’s in civic leadership, you get the tools and the knowledge you need to hit the ground running with solutions that make a positive impact on the communities in which you live, work, play and serve. In fact, at the end of the 15-month program, you will have created a project that will already be making a lasting difference. We look forward to equipping you for change. We are still accepting applications for the August 2016 class.

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Take a closer look at a degree that has been put together from the ground up to be different. Built on the leadership principles of one of Nashville's most influential change makers, the institute offers a unique project based master’s program based on active involvement with leaders across all community sectors, creating collaborative change even while you’re in graduate school. It’s a different kind of degree to prepare you for today’s very different community dynamics.

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Graduate Programs

One of the first schools in the nation to offer the Master of Arts degree in Civic Leadership, the Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership draws on the legacy of its namesakes to build a community of leaders that desire to improve the lives of its citizens and create sustainable positive change. Blending academics with practical real world experiences in what we like to call "Pracademics" (practical academics), you will study a wide range of practices and philosophies that promote vibrant communities. 

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