Nelson & Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership

At Lipscomb, we believe that civic leaders are not born, they’re made. Innate ability counts, yes, but not as much as knowledge and experience. For a community to function well and grow, it needs guidance, planning, and plain old effort. It needs a compass to steer by and a light to look up to—that’s what civic leadership is.

Nelson And Sue Andrews Institute For Civic Leadership


Lipscomb’s Institute for Civic Leadership was founded in 2010 on the notion that thriving communities don’t happen by accident. We invite government, business, and not-for-profit professionals—people who are part of the fabric of their communities—to share the best ideas and spread some of their can-do spirit around, as we put our heads and hearts together for the common good.

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Graduate Programs

The institute offers a master’s degree in Civic Leadership, one of two in the nation. You’ll study a wide range of practices and philosophies that promote vibrant communities—public policy, philanthropic efforts, urban planning, and more. So that nothing stands in your way, you can complete coursework through evening and weekend classes.

Leading Voices

More proof that methods to initiate change are as limitless as our imaginations, the Leading Voices web site encourages local, national, and international leaders and scholars to find and enact common-good (and common-sense) solutions to community challenges. A social site for furthering social good—pretty ingenious, we’d say.