Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation

The Ayers Institute, a resource developed for teachers and educational leaders in Tennessee, incubates new instructional ideas and offers professional learning to educators, all so students experience better outcomes.


The goals of the Institute are three-fold: to equip teachers to improve their classroom performance; to cultivate a state-wide cadre of principals and instructional coaches who promote a culture of effective teacher mentorship in the schools they serve; to contribute expertise and proven models to the dialogue on education reform. The Institute will strive to initially reach these goals through the focus areas of Common Core Implementation, Professional Learning, and Leadership.

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INVEST: Building a College and Career Ready Tennessee

Educator Preparation Conference Participants-Access Powerpoints and handouts for all the keynotes and breakout sessions here!

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K-12 Teachers: Download our entire library of Interdisciplinary Units and Common Core Lesson Plans aligned with Nashville public art. Access the Aileron unit and the Edmonson Park unit on our Metro Arts page.

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Become a College Access Coach through our brand new one year CAP program.  Register here.

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