Faith. Community. Knowledge. Innovation. Service. These are the five unshakeable pillars that make us who we are. As the world evolves, Lipscomb will always look for more ways to live out our ideals. What will never change, however, is our commitment to intentionally, courageously, and graciously obey God’s will.

At Lipscomb University, We believe that as knowledge grows in use, it also grows in value.
With the lessons of our classrooms, we work in the world.
With the certainty of our faith, we serve the good of all.
With the experiences of our past, we plan for the future.
We believe that when you know your gifts, your God, and your direction, you confidently welcome what comes next.

"A campus recognized as much for its quality as its generosity.
Programs that propel students’ imaginations as much as their careers.
Technologies that transcend boundaries as they build communities.
Faculty whose curiosity is matched only by their compassion.
And students whose characters are as deep as their faith."

O.K., that's who we are. But, it comes from our "official" mission statement, which is: 

Lipscomb University is a private coeducational institution whose principal focus is undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, combined with a number of undergraduate professional and pre-professional fields, and master's and doctoral degree programs. Its primary mission is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. This mission is carried out not only in the classroom but also by involvement in numerous services to the church and the larger community.