Cozumel 2014 - Team Survey

Please take a few minutes to share with us how you would like to serve our team through the various opportunities listed below. Each group will have a designated person who will lead/facilitate that aspect of our trip planning. Each group will then have 3-5 others who will come alongside the leader/facilitator and assist in doing what's needed for the task at hand. The scaling system is as follows: 5= Very interested in this aspect of trip planning; 4 = Somewhat interested; 3= Would be glad to serve in this way; 2=Not my first choice; 1= I have no interest or skill set to offer this area.

Tuesday / Thursday Focus

Everyone will be broken up into one of three areas of responsibility on Tuesday and Thursday during our work days on campus. Please rank accordingly!

Other Areas

Throughout our trip schedule there are times when we break up into age-specific groups to work with and love on the angels. Each group will be made up of 4-6 Lipscomb team members. Please rate your willingness to work with and ability to connect with each group through the same scaling system 1 meaning you might throw up if you had to work with those kids and 5 meaning you could rock it out with them.