Wellness Program partners with Good Food for Good People to bring CSA to campus

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The Lipscomb University Wellness Program’s goal is to help people at Lipscomb have healthier lifestyles. To further that goal, the Wellness Program has added a new healthy opportunity for campus by enlisting the help of Good Food for Good People.

Food Day 2
Good Food for Good People booths at Lipscomb's Food Day in 2012.

The Good Food for Good People Buyer’s Club delivers fresh, locally grown produce to campus every Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. and can be picked up in the parking lot at the rear of McFarland Science Center or delivered to offices between 2:30 and 3 p.m.

Potential customers can subscribe at http://goodfoodbuyersclub.com/ to purchase conventionally grown produce for $25 per bag and $15 per half-bag or organically grown produce for $35 per bag and $20 per half-bag. The produce provided changes every week.

Drawn from a 250 mile radius, this community supported agriculture service offers fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, gathered fresh three times a week and delivered straight to the Lipscomb campus.

Other products offered a la carte for delivery to Lipscomb include honey, preserves, cheese, butter, coffee, teas, salsa, free-range pasteurized eggs and grass-fed meats.

Adam Curtis, a representative of Good Food for Good People said the organization is a food hub. “Our resources come from over 150 farmers who are mostly Amish and Mennonite,” he said.    

Good Food for Good People is a social enterprise that brings local food to businesses and homes throughout Nashville via a mobile farmers’ market. The organization works to motivate people to think smarter about their food by providing whole foods  at local restaurants and at Buyer’s Club drop-off sites throughout the year. Drop-off sites include hospitals, faith centers, Whole Foods stores and schools.

The most important benefit of Good Food for Good People is convenience, Curtis said.

“That’s what we strive for,” he added. “We move through the food in our warehouse quickly, so everything is always fresh.”

Good Food for Good People hopes to help the community grow, distribute, prepare and share local healthy food. They want to move the residents of Nashville in the direction of being self-sufficient and having food security, Curtis said.

If you are interested in signing up for the weekly deliveries, log on to http://goodfoodbuyersclub.com/ to subscribe.