Expected Student Behavior


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Before we discuss our expectations, let's address why we even have a Standard Code of Conduct.

Our heritage is founded on a commitment to biblical faith and principles.  Keeping with that heritage, we seek to equip, educate, and develop graduates who will glorify God while integrating Christian faith and practice with every aspect of their lives.

Without trying to presume perfection and while recognizing that human failings and inconsistencies do exist, we maintain the ideal that each of us, students, faculty and staff should live our lives with personal integrity and a moral/ethical framework, constantly realizing our responsiblity to the standards of Scripture, lived out in the Spirit of Christ.

At Lipscomb, we believe it is our responsibility to not only provide you with academic training, but also to help equip you with moral integrity.  With this goal in mind, the university has established guidelines for student behavior, designed to reinforce high personal standards of conduct and to instill in each of us respect for others.