For Faculty

Overview of Policies

  • Students may make an appointment online at should create a profile if they are first-time clients at the Writing Studio.
  • Sessions are limited to either 25 minutes or 50 minutes. Also, students should have only one appointment on the schedule booked at a time unless they have spoken with Dr. Watkins or Dr. Mathis about developing a semester-long plan.
  • Graduate students are encouraged to use the Writing Studio. For longer writing assignments, they should schedule an hour-long appointment and expect to work through 5-7 pages of text per appointment.
  • Faculty members will receive notification of students who attend the studio.                                                                                     
  • Please tell your classes about the studio this semester; an informational handout that you may pass along to to your students is under the faculty link “For Your Students.”
  •  If you would like one of the consultants to visit your class to advertise the studio's services or to conduct a workshop for your students about any part of the writing process, please email
  • If you are teaching Lipscomb Experience or University Writing, one of the consultants will be contacting you within the first weeks of the semester to set up a class visit.
  • If you have designed a course that requires LUWS attendance (other than Lipscomb Experience), please let Dr. Stacia Watkins know your scheduled deadlines for the students' visits at the beginning of the semester.

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For Your Students

To Help You

Would you like a consultant to visit your class? We offer ten-minute class visits in which a consultant will bring marketing materials and promote our services. Schedule one by contacting Stacia Watkins.

We offer workshops by Writing Studio consultants on Peer Revision, Essay Organization, Revision and Editing Tips, and more! Contact Stacia Watkins for more information.

Faculty Referral Form

Extra Credit Suggestion

If you would like to offer extra credit for Writing Studio visits, please require that the students turn something in to you other than the Notification of Assistance form that you will receive from the studio. We suggest that the student write a brief narrative paragraph (per visit) about his/her experience (i.e. what he/she and the consultant discussed, what he/she learned, how his/her writing changed after the session).  That encourages the student to reflect on the learning experience, and it allows you to have anything in writing that you might want to talk to Dr. Stacia Watkins about.

Links for the Teaching of Writing

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
  2. The Dartmouth Writing Program’s “Tips for Writing an Academic Paper
  3. Harvard University’s “Tips on Grammar, Punctuation, and Style
  4. Grammar Girl

Sample Blurb for Syllabus

The Writing Studio at Lipscomb University

“We’re not here because you can’t write; we’re here because you do!"

The Writing Studio is located in Beaman Library 141 (the Academic Success Center) for students to receive valuable one-on-one assistance with their writing. Conferences are available by appointment; don’t wait until the last minute to seek their help! 

In order to receive three points extra credit (per visit up to two per essay) for attending the Writing Studio, you must write a brief narrative paragraph (per visit) about your experience (i.e. what you discussed, what you learned, how your writing changed after the session).  I will accept these paragraphs on the day your essay is due.