Wintermester Program

Catch Up! Get Ahead!

Wintermester 2018-19
December 14, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Wintermester is a compressed academic term that continues our efforts to offer students more flexibility and more learning opportunities to help them complete their academic requirements. The Wintermester term seems particularly suited for travel courses, online and hybrid course offerings, and innovative courses that provide learning opportunities in ways that may not be feasible during a regular semester schedule. It is a stand alone term and is not affiliated with any other semester. Courses offered during this semester provide students with an additional opportunity to meet prerequisites for future courses, lighten course loads of other semesters, and make progress toward their academic goals.

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Wintermester Class Schedule [Select Wintermester for the term]

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL COURSES:  Students taking an international travel course MUST work closely with the Office of Global Learning to meet deposit and payment due dates. Please check with course faculty members for specific pre-trip meeting times and course information.

DOMESTIC TRAVEL COURSES:  Student taking a domestic travel course MUST work closely with the faculty member for pre-trip meeting times and deposit and payment due dates.


Tuition: Undergraduate tuition for Wintermester will be $525 per credit hour. Graduate tuition for Wintermester will be the normal tuition per graduate credit hour.


Financial Aid and Scholarships: For financial aid advice, students should consult with Maggie Kersten, Financial Aid Counselor, at 615.966.6207 or In general, because undergraduate Wintermester tuition is already discounted and because of the limited number of credit hours available to be taken in a compressed term, most financial aid and scholarships will not apply to Wintermester classes. However, students can apply for alternative loans to cover Wintermester costs. Review of grade point averages (GPA) for financial aid purposes will occur only at the end of fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Thus, courses taken during Wintermester will not be considered in GPA reviews for financial aid until the end of the spring semester.

Alumni interested in taking a Wintermester course should review the Alumni Legacy Tuition Discount policy. 

Lipscomb employees receiving tuition discounts should review the Tuition Discount policy in the Staff Handbook and complete the Lipscomb Employee Tuition Discount Form. Employee tuition discounts for Wintermester courses will be applied to the per credit hour tuition rate cited in the current undergraduate catalog. Employees may choose to pay the lower of the discounted tuition calculated or the stated Wintermester tuition rate.


Housing Information: For housing information, students should consult Rachel Smiley, Housing Coordinator, at 615.966.6062 or If on-campus housing is needed during Wintermester, current residential students will be able to occupy their dorm rooms at no additional cost. Non-residential students who need on-campus housing may be accommodated if space is available and will be charged a reasonable fee. Only Wintermester students will be allowed early admittance to dorms. Student meal plans are not available during the Wintermester term.


Registration and Payment Dates: All Wintermester registration dates and payment dates will follow those in place for Spring semester.


Academic Standing: Review of grade point averages (GPA) for probation status will occur at the end of Wintermester.


Visiting Students:  Lipscomb University welcomes students in our Wintermester courses who are full-time students and in good standing at other universities. If you are an undergraduate student attending another university and are interested in taking courses at Lipscomb University for one semester, please complete our short online application. Once you are on the application webpage, select the "Non-Traditional" students section of our Apply Now page, and then select the appropriate "Wintermester" term option from the drop down menu. If you have admissions questions, please contact Aaron Burtch in our Admissions Office at 615.966.6135 or

Contact Information: For more information about Wintermester, contact Dr. Brian Mast at 615.966.1400 or