About Us

A welcome from the interim dean

IntersectionsThis school is about building something that has not been done before: developing a workforce with a specialty in improving and adding value to the aging process. Yes, ambitious. That’s why we are looking for a few special students who want to prepare themselves for this transformative and important work!

Our culture has reached a tipping point where improvements in health care, technology, communication and more make it very, very possible to create an aging culture unlike any in human history. At Lipscomb, we want to be at that table. In fact, we want to bring people together to have those important conversations. We want to prepare graduate-level innovators who will be part of training and retraining a new workforce in aging services.

Our vision includes innovative community/corporate partnerships that will break new ground in this field, one whose promise is as growing and robust as today’s aging populations!

In fact, Aging was recently highlighted in Lipscomb's Intersections magazine, featuring thought leaders and several adjunct professors from the School of TransformAging®.

If you are interested in getting into this field—or you feel you have professional experience that would benefit by some refocusing in best practices in aging services—contact us. We invite everyone to this important conversation.

Nina Morel
Dean, College of Professional Studies