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by Lauren Gunderson


The Department of Theatre acknowledges the land we are on in Tennessee is the original homeland of the Cherokee, Yuchi, Shawnee, and Chickasaw tribal nations. We honor these indigenous people, their heritage, their culture, and their legacy. We respect those who are still here and whose descendants live and thrive here despite the systems of harm they have encountered from the dominant/majority culture.


Lauren Gunderson was one of the first writers that made me feel her work. I and You specifically changed my entire perspective on what theater can be and how deeply it can affect an audience. This story highlights the purity of first love and the importance of your first romantic connection. First love teaches you so much about how to love others and how to love yourself. This love is youthful, beautiful, and pure and doesn’t always end how you want, but you carry it forever. 

I and You builds such a beautiful relationship between strangers and reminds us how necessary these attachments with others are. In a post-pandemic world, this idea hits even closer to home. You don’t realize how crucial interaction is until you don’t have it anymore. This is exactly what Caroline experiences. She is isolated from her whole life because of her health issues, and Anthony showing up disrupts her entire ecosystem. This idea of human connectedness is why Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is the perfect project for these two characters. His work unites them and helps Anthony show Caroline she deserves more than just surviving. We deserve more than just surviving. We deserve connections that last. We deserve to live for our purpose. Life doesn’t last forever, so let this be your reminder to live.

We as people receive so much from our relationships and love of others. Every person you bond with helps shape you in some way. We are all constantly learning from each other. 

Walt Whitman sums it up perfectly, “For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

-Justice Orrand, Student Director


Caroline: Marley Crouch
Anthony: Lorenzo Rivera
Caroline u/s: Emily Stephens
Anthony u/s: Damarques Johns


Producer: Beki Baker
Director: Justice Orrand*
Production Manager: Andy Bleiler
Scenic Designer: Garner Harsh*
Costume Designer: Peyton Lewis*
Lighting Designer: Kellin Ferrell*
Sound Designer: Saidee Hannel*
Technical Director: Hendrick Shelton
Stage Manager/Props: Kaylie Herpolsheimer*
Assistant Stage Managers: Erynn Barrett*, Kayla Beene*
Intimacy Coach: Nat McIntryre

*denotes students


Stage Crew: Marian Barber, Bryce Dunn, Max Hunkler, Zahra AlSooz
Head of Wardrobe: Emma Stanard
Light Board Operator: Kellin Ferrell
Sound Board Operator: Saidee Hannel


Scenic Foreman: Makinley Smith, Ash Barrett, Annie McMurrian, Peyton Lewis, Andie Perez Hernandez, Garner Harsh, Marian Barber, Maegan Kirkland, Nate Mann
Scenic Practicum: Preslie Cagle,Tiger Dulaney, Kayla Dunn, Ella Haganman, Lawson Karber, Sophie Simmons, James Wier, Lillian Brown, Olivia Eley, Maxwell Hunkler, Anna Jones, Jaidyn Smart, Callie Tysdal, David Long, Brock Loyd, Gianalis Ortiz, Aleyah Williams, Zahra Alsooz, Sarah Cooper, Phoebe Countryman, Katarina Kell, Battle Loyd

Costume Staff: Ava Sin, Emma Stanard, Kaylie Herpolshiemer, Regan Mills, Meg Wombles, Jaidyn Smart
Costume Practicum: Connor Adair, Joylin Lescalleet, Sofia Hernandez-Morales, Justice Orrand, Rachel Penner, Makinley Smith, Emily Stephens, Aubrey Bagley, Ash Barrett, Kellin Ferrell, Saidee Hannel, Madelyn Jones, William Monin, Emma Ramsey, Marian Barber, Mackenzie Cogswell, Adam MacLeod, Nathan Mann, Claire Pals, Emma Rose Williamson, Meg Wombles

Lighting Foreman: Justice Orrand, Justin Littrell, Nate Mann
Lighting Practicum:Makenzie Antley,Elana Bruce, Marley Crouch, Alex Dee, Tea Doherty, Bryce Dunn, Mackenzie Gregory, Grace Jester, Megan Kirkland, David Long,Regan Mills, Grace Mullins, Samantha Scattini, Ava Sin, Nylah Watts, Isabella Wickham, Abi Williams


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Ella Crouch


LDoT is an active member of the Broadway Green Alliance. Our mission is to reduce the impacts of climate change through responsible choices of both materials and practices in our productions. Some examples of this include reusing scenery, props,and costume pieces, as well as sourcing materials for our productions that have a low or zero carbon footprint.