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Book by JOHN AUGUST Music and Lyrics by ANDREW LIPPA

Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the Columbia Motion Picture written by John August

School Edition


The Department of Theatre acknowledges that the land we are on is the original homeland of the Cherokee, Yuchi, Shawnee, and Chickasaw tribal nations. We pay homage to these indigenous people, including their heritage, culture, and legacy. We respect those who are still here and whose descendants live and thrive here, and seek to honor them with our work.


Big Fish is a touching story of reconciliation, imagination, community, and family that explores the highs and lows of all of these facets of life. The story was first a book by Daniel Wallace and then a movie in 2003 directed by Tim Burton. It finally hit the Broadway stage in 2013 with a book by John August, music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, and direction and choreography by Susan Stroman.

Big Fish reminds us that we all have those people in our lives who are the storytellers, those whose charisma and magnetism draw people in and who spin tall tales and legends that make up the memories and traditions in our lives. I am so grateful that you have joined us for this show because I believe that it reminds us as humans and artists why we tell stories. Edward's world is one of adventure and wonder, and Big Fish brings that to the stage with the highest level of theatricality. I hope that as you get pulled into Edward's world that you will take his words to heart and "be the hero of your story while you can," and that just like Will, you can find some answers that you may be seeking along the way. 

Sincerest thanks goes to my cast, crew, production team, designers, and theatre department co-workers for your amazing work during this process, as well as to my family for your patience and love along the way. You are all heroes to me, and I am so grateful for the journey we have been on together.

-Kari Smith, M.F.A. (...soon!)


Edward Bloom: Nate Mann
Sandra Bloom: Abi Williams
Will Bloom: David Long III
Josephine Bloom: Meghan Wombles
Kari: Jackson Thomas-Clark Martin
Jenny Hill: Cleo Graham
Amos Calloway: Connor Adair
Witch: Téa Doherty
Don Price, Will u/s: James Wier
Zacky Price: Ava Sin
Mayor of Ashton, Ensemble: Andrea Perez-Hernandez
Dr. Bennett, Ensemble, Alabama Lamb u/s: Marian Claire Barber
Mermaid, Ensemble: Annie McMurrian
Fisherman, Ensemble: Regan Mills (Vocal Captain)
Alabama Lamb, Ensemble, Sandra u/s: Mary Humphrey
Alabama Lamb, Ensemble, Jenny u/s: Olivia Eley (Dance Captain)
General, Ensemble: Jonah Smith
Red Fang, Ensemble: Bowen Sellers
Young Will: Ethan Freeman
Will’s Son: Megan Ammons
Scout, Child Ensemble: Henry Singleton
Scout, Child Ensemble: Meleah Forte
Ensemble, Edward u/s: Tiger Dulaney
Ensemble, Don u/s: Brock Lloyd
Ensemble: Alex Dee (Dance/Fight Captain)
Ensemble: Makinley Smith
Ensemble, Zacky u/s: Lillian Brown
Ensemble, Alabama Lamb u/s: Mackenzie Gregory
Ensemble, Josephine u/s: Jaidyn Smart 
Ensemble, Amos u/s: Makenzie Cogswell
Ensemble, Witch u/s: Aleia Eagleton
Ensemble, Mermaid u/s: Callie Jean Tysdal
Ensemble, Karl u/s: Sh’Ahr Blackburn
Ensemble: Samantha Scattini
Swing, Mayor u/s, Dr. Bennett u/s: Rachel Penner 
Swing: Allie Andres (Fight Captain)
Swing: Emma Ramsey
Swing: Isabella Wickham
Swing: Anna Jones
Swing: Lawson Karber


Producer: Beki Baker
Director/Choreographer: Kari Smith
Assistant Director: Garner Harsh*
Music Director: Christopher Bailey
Production Manager: Andy Bleiler
Assistant Choreographers: Mary Humphrey*, Annie McMurrian*
Scenic Designer: Andy Bleiler
Costume Designer: June Kingsbury
Assistant Costume Designer: Emma Stanard*
Lighting Designer: Stephen Moss
Sound Designer: Jacob Allen
Technical Director: Hendrick Shelton
Playback Engineer: Aubrey Bagley*
Master Electricians: Kelly Scheuman, Rylee Hickey
Stage Manager: Ash Barrett*
Assistant Stage Managers: Sofia Hernandez-Morales*, Maegan Kirkland*, Kellin Ferrell*
Dramaturg: Erynn Barrett*
Assistant Make-up Designer: Aubrey Bagley*
Props Artisans: Makinley Smith, Maegan Kirkland
*denotes students


Stage Crew: Phoebe Countryman, Katarina Kell, Sarah Cooper, Damarques Johns, Kaylee Rain Johnson, Battle Loyd, Ella Haganman
Wardrobe Head: Kaylie Herpolsheimer
Wardrobe: Lin Lescalleet, Madelyn Jones, Aleyah Williams, Peyton Lewis, Maya Mezgel, Zahra AlSooz
Wigs: Aubrey Hyde, Jonah Smith
Light Board Operator: Elanah Bruce
Follow Spot Operators: Preslie Cagle, Knoelle Antley
Audio 3: Justin Littrell, Nylah Watts, Peyton Lewis
Child Wranglers: Nylah Watts, Megan Ammons, Berkley Landreth, Grace Mullins


Scenic Foreman: Makinley Smith, Ash Barrett, Annie McMurrian, Peyton Lewis, Andie Perez Hernandez, Garner Harsh, Marian Barber, Maegan Kirkland, Nate Mann
Scenic Practicum: Preslie Cagle, Tiger Dulaney, Kayla Dunn, Ella Haganmann, Lawson Karber, Sophie Simmons, James Wier, Lillian Brown, Olivia Eley, Maxwell Hunkler, Anna Jones, Jaidyn Smart, Callie Tysdal, David Long, Brock Loyd, Gianalis Ortiz, Aleyah Williams, Zahra Alsooz, Sarah Cooper, Phoebe Countryman, Katarina Kell, Battle Loyd

Costume Staff: Ava Sin, Emma Stanard, Kaylie Herpolshiemer, Regan Mills, Meghan Wombles, Jaidyn Smart
Costume Practicum: Connor Adair, Joylin Lescalleet, Sofia Hernandez-Morales, Justice Orrand, Rachel Penner, Makinley Smith, Emily Stephens, Aubrey Bagley, Ash Barrett, Kellin Ferrell, Saidee Hannel, Madelyn Jones, Bill Monin, Emma Ramsey, Marian Barber, Mackenzie Cogswell, Adam MacLeod, Nathan Mann, Claire Pals, Emma Rose Williamson, Meghan Wombles

Lighting Foreman: Justice Orrand, Justin Littrell, Nate Mann
Lighting Practicum: Makenzie Antley, Elana Bruce, Marley Crouch, Alex Dee, Téa Doherty, Bryce Dunn, Mackenzie Gregory, Grace Jester, Maegan Kirkland, David Long III, Regan Mills, Grace Mullins, Samantha Scattini, Ava Sin, Nylah Watts, Isabella Wickham, Abi Williams


Licensing for Big Fish School Edition is provided by Theatrical Rights Worldwide.


Hume Fogg High School Theatre Department, Suzanne Craig and Lipscomb Academy Theatre, Cori Laemmel, Nashville Opera, Nashville Repertory Theatre, Melissa Forte, Kym Yates


Lipscomb Theatre is a member of the national organization called The Broadway Green Alliance. We have both faculty and student Green Captains, who seek ways to reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, and preserve resources, while producing quality theatre. The entire production of Big Fish has been engaged in this effort, from sustainable scenery and costumes, to high efficiency lighting. The scenery is made from 100% repurposed scenery, sustainably harvested lumber and other products, and low VOC paints and coatings. Additionally, the use of colored packing paper instead of foams or plastics adds to the biodegradability of the set. Over 60% of the costumes are sourced from existing garments, and every effort has been made to reuse fabrics and textiles, avoiding the need for new virgin materials. Fully 70% of the lighting equipment used in the show is high efficiency LED, which reduces the amount of energy required to light the show by up to 75% compared to conventional lighting equipment. Reusable water bottles and fewer single-use plastics are a part of the rehearsal process, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles and other plastics. While we may not get to net-zero carbon, we are taking steps to ensure a sustainable future for our program, and the planet.