Data Science

The Data Science program integrates courses in logical reasoning, computer programming, data analytics, human-computer interaction, and other skills that help students to put technology to better use. It has a mandatory internship requirement and students team up with classmates on capstone senior projects that showcase their skills to potential employers.

  • Graduates from the program will be able to apply their tech knowledge to areas of interest—such as biology, business, environmental management, healthcare, telecommunications, sustainable practice, and Web development—to create new uses for technology and the way people interact with it. They are adept at designing, refining and building information systems and technologies. They are attuned to the needs that drive people to seek information. They are concerned with issues like access, privacy and usability. And, they understand the increasingly complex social and organizational environments in which people seek to fill their information needs—in theoretical, virtual and physical spaces.
  • Our graduates are ambassadors for the transformative power of information when applied ethically and effectively.