Computer Science

The computer science major provides the opportunity to explore the theoretical and scientific aspects of computing. The program provides preparation both for employment and for graduate programs in computing.

  • Computer science is mathematically rigorous and spans the range from theory through programming to cutting edge development of computing solutions. The computer science major, or degree program, is broad, rigorous, and structured in a way that supports in-depth and systematic study of algorithmic processes - their theory, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, and application.
  • It trains students to think creatively and logically to solve large and complex problems, and to communicate with clarity and precision. It sets the stage for graduate study or immediate employment in a wide variety of careers in scientific research, industry, business, and government, and is an attractive major for the incoming freshman and also for the continuing student who is considering a new field of study.

Computer Science Minor

Total hours required— 21

Specific courses required: Hours
CS 1213 Introduction to Programming (3)  3
CS 1233 Object-Oriented System Design and Programming (3) 3
CS 2233 Data structures and Algorithm (3) 3
CS 2343 Database Management Systems (3)  3
CS 3423 Compiler Construction (3) 3
Six hours of electives chosen from:  
CS 3213 Design and Analysis of Algorithm (3)  3
CS 3223 Software Engineering (3)  3
CS 3323 Operating System (3)  3
CS 4413 Fundamentals of Automata & Formal Language Theory (3)  3