College of Computing and Technology

Turn your passion for computing and technology into a great future! The mission of the College of Computing and Technology (CCT) is to advance scholarship in key domains of computing and informatics to its students in accordance with the principles of Lipscomb University, and to engage in activities that improve the welfare of society and enhance the reputation of Lipscomb University. The school offers innovative and uniquely multi-disciplinary programs that prepare graduates for promising careers in systems engineering, science, management, development and security. Whatever it is - and you have dozens of careers to consider - the CCT can prepare you for a future in a market where, presently, graduates receive the highest salaries than any other graduates! The school is intent on bringing to its students collaborative partnerships with industry, business, government, school, and nonprofit organizations that provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences. This is an exciting time to be in the CCT! Discover how we can prepare you to build the next generation of computing and technology tools, and to be among the architects that actually lead the future!