The School of Computing and Informatics offers a number of resources for students.

Credit by Challenge ProcedureSometimes students come into our program and have past knowledge of the content of a course but no academic credit.  In situations like these, they have the opportunity to challenge a course.  Learn how this process works and review the project files for the most commonly challenged course in the department.

Jobs and average salaries: Learn what types of salaries you might expect with one of our degrees.  The salaries are from the Department of Labor Statistics, are nationwide and not specific to Tennessee.

Lab facilities: Learn more about labs and software available to our students

Student workWe have highlighted some of the many types of assignments and projects from our programming classes. Most have been done with C#.  You are free to download the zipped file and play with it.  You will need to have Visual C# to work with these but you can download this for free.