Graduate Program Discounts

The College of Computing and Technology offers several discount initiatives for students participating in the following graduate programs:

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Program Corporate Discount

The Lipscomb College of Computing and Technology (CCT) is offering a discount available to all students from the same company where three or more employees are enrolled full-time (six or more hours per semester) within any of the three CCT graduate programs* (Data Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering) will receive a discount of up to 25 percent, inquire for more specific discount information for your company.


  • As of May 1, 2014, the MS in Health Care Informatics will officially reside in Lipscomb's College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and as such will utilize a pricing structure as defined by the college administration. Please contact the MS in Health Care Informatics Program Director, Beth Breeden, if you have questions about current College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences policies.
  • Lipscomb’s business office processes tuition discounts at the beginning of each semester. Corporate “participation” will be calculated on January 1 (spring semester), May 1 (summer semester), and August 1 (fall semester) of each year for the subsequent semester. To be eligible for consideration in the corporate tuition discount program, a student must complete the on-line form distributed by the CCT prior to a start of a new semester and be enrolled as a full-time student before the semester cutoff dates specified above. Once a determination is made as to the number of employees present in the programs for the upcoming semester, the corresponding discount will be applied and remain unchanged through the end of the respective semester. The discount will be re-calculated and subject to change at the next semester start date (Jan. 1, May 1, and August 1).
  • To be eligible for inclusion in the corporate discount calculation, an individual must be considered a "full-time" student their particular CCT graduate program for the semester in question. Full-time status requires that the individual be enrolled in at least 6 hours of coursework within their specific CCT graduate program.
  • The CCT Graduate Program Corporate Discount is not a “stacking” discount, and will not be applied on top of other promotional or discounted tuition rates provided by Lipscomb.
  • The determination of what constitutes a "company" will be at the discretion of the CCT Director of Graduate Programs. For example, contract employees working within an organization will not count towards the overall corporate discount for that particular organization.
  • Discount rates are reevaluated every semester. Contact Finn Breland at for the most accurate rate for your organization.
Professional Organization Discount

The Lipscomb College of Computing and Technology (CCT) is offering a 20 percent tuition scholarship to one selected student from each of the following professional organizations (for Fall, 2015 entry):

  • (ISC)2 - International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
  • ISSA - Information Systems Security Association
  • ITSMF - Information Technology Service Management Forum
  • PMI - Project Management Institute
  • WiTT - Women in Technology of Tennessee

Prospective students wishing to apply for the scholarship should apply here, select Computing & Informatics, and then complete an application to their graduate program of interest (Data Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering).

The student must make sure to indicate which professional organization they wish to apply through (so we will know how to route the application). Information for each applicant will be submitted to the indicated professional organization for those applicants who are successfully admitted into the CCT graduate program. The professional organization’s leadership will use their own pre-specified criteria within the applicant pool to identify and award the one scholarship.


  • To be considered, applications must be completed and the student accepted for entry in July 2015. Information for all accepted applicants will be turned over to the leadership of the applicant's professional organizations to review all provided applications and make a selection decision based on internally defined criteria.
  • Each applicant is eligible for only one scholarship, and may apply through only one of the selected professional organizations.
  • The 20 percent scholarship will not stack on top of existing discounts (inaugural discount or corporate participation discount).
  • The 20 percent scholarship will be applied for the first class of the CCT program of choice in Spring 2016 and will continue to be applied for consecutive months based on the length of the program of choice (12 months for MSIT, MSDS, MSSE).